A Mind, Body and Soul Approach to Grief, Loss, Trauma, Death, Joy, and Healing through Counselling, Somatic Inquiry, Yoga, Dance, Movement Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath, EOL Support, Personal Archival Services, and Unconditional Love.


"The body supports the process of deeper awareness on all levels of being. So often we run from our uncomfortable sensations and never allow them to teach us. If we confront them, they often dissipate and take us somewhere new, often into deeper levels of awareness".

Michael Lee

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Clea Jonquil Hargreaves, MAS, E-RYT-500+, Archivist, Grief Counsellor, Somatic Practitioner, Trauma Informed.

As an Archivist, Grief Counsellor, Yoga and Dance Instructor, Somatic Practitioner, Complex Trauma Survivor and Compassionate Human it is my desire to provide a safe space for witnessing and healing as we journey together through this beautiful and at times heartbreaking gift of Life.

For years I have been enraptured by the connection of body, mind, and soul, and the increasing awareness that is being explored as a way to explain how  grief, loss, trauma and memory affect our most basic functions of life and survival. Growing up as a dancer and then training in later years as a yoga teacher, grief counsellor, somatic trauma practitioner, archivist, and healer, I have had the privilege of experiencing the body as both a vessel for movement and emotion, as well as, a somatic memory bank of not only our lived experiences but also of the generational imprints that have come before us. As well, my specific training in yoga for depression and my own creation of grief dance, has allowed me to observe the body mind connection and to see how the manifestation of simple and often unconscious bodily acts such as breathing, fight or flight response, movement, and so on, can be impacted by grief, loss, trauma, memory, and environment, both internal and external, on an individual and collective level.

I believe passionately that everyone deserves to be supported in their grief, trauma and loss and offer unconditional acceptance alongside tools and practices designed to help discover, honour and integrate the numerous individual and collective losses, traumas, and disconnections we all experience within our Mind, Body and Soul. In combining intellectual, sensory, somatic, and energetic modalities we will be able to illuminate and work with many parts relating to the impermanence of life, loss, and death while exploring how archival work seeks to shape and re-shape the narratives of the past and present allowing for a more expansive and inclusive historical record.

"It is said that in every loss there is an opportunity to uncover and heal the losses of a lifetime. The deeper the loss, the deeper the opportunity" (Stephen Levine).

In working to Embody our Grief we are learning through Mind, Body and Soul how to once again dance with life in a way that allows for presence at the edges of our discomfort and gently guides us towards unconditional love, compassion and safety. It is an immense honour to hold space for you as you journey home to yourself, thank you.

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Exploring Past, Present, and Future...



Mind, Body and Soul

Embodied Grief Offers Individual, Family and Group Counselling, Somatic Inquiry, Movement Sessions, and Personal Archival Services. Connections take place in person, virtually or as a combination of the two, always taking into consideration the levels of personal comfort and safety. I offer individual services and have the ability to custom create wholeness packages designed to support the individual nature and Mind, Body, Soul, work within process of discovery and healing.

*Virtually defined as Zoom, FaceTime, Telephone and Text Support Services.

Grief Counselling

Your grief is valid in all of its expressions. As a Grief Counsellor it is my privilege to create a safe space in which we can explore, individually and in group settings, that which arises emotionally, spiritually and physically when we allow our grief to surface. When supported, grief counselling can offer integration, release, normalization and a deeper understanding of how to carry our grief with us as we continue on in this world. At Embodied Grief I offer traditional talk therapy and somatic movement based therapy as so much of our stored grief, loss and trauma lives within the body. Working to find awareness within our own personal window of tolerance we are able to explore how the nervous system impacts our ability to numb our grief and also how connection and witnessing can bring us back into regulation, fostering an environment of opening to our grief, loss and trauma without inducing overwhelm. None of us are immune to grief and yet through a willingness to be vulnerable we are able to recognize our shared humanity and ultimately learn to soften and surrender to presence, our feelings and sensations through the much needed lens of unconditional love and compassion.

Somatic Inquiry Counselling

Our bodies hold our stories. Somatic Inquiry is the practice of inviting and bringing greater awareness to the whole body and being through informed interoception and proprioception. Allowing our bodies to "speak" through sensation and inviting resourcing techniques such as Orienting, Grounding, Centring, Breath, and more can help us to regulate our nervous systems and embody compassionate understanding and resilience. In Grief and Trauma we can find ourselves unconsciously living in a state of dysregulation, somatic work helps to recalibrate and develop self-regulation practices that allow us to be present and safe within the discomfort of healing.

Hourly and Package Rates

$120 / Hour

Sliding Scale Available.

Yoga, Dance and Movement Meditation

Movement can be incredibly healing, though for many who have experienced grief, loss and trauma, movement, touch and being present "in" the body can feel extremely uncomfortable and illicit stored nervous system responses of fight, flight, freeze and or shut down. Through gentle somatic practices such as Somatic Inquiry, Kripalu Yoga, Dance, Movement Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation and Walking we can experiment with tools that allow for safe regulation and awareness to arise. In conscious and supported movement exploration we are able to safely feel our emotions as they move through us, offering space to go deeper as well as creating a greater capacity for self regulation and healing.

Offered in private, group, and workshop settings, Somatic Inquiry, Yoga, Dance, and Movement Meditation invites you to hold grief, loss and trauma in a different way. The mind is allowed to rest as the body finds permission to communicate and feel fully that which has has been held within. No prerequisite movement experience is required to be able to begin the exploration of honouring and releasing our grief and trauma through movement. Everyone is welcome, always.

Hourly and Package Rates

$50 - $120 / Hour (Private and Group)

Sliding Scale Available.

End of Life Doula and Personal Archival Services

As an End of Life Doula it is my aim to educate and empower people to embrace the beauty in End of Life experiences. It is my hope that through compassion and connection more of us are able to engage in conversations about death and dying, enabling society as a whole to rediscover the natural and profound aspects of death. As a non-medical provider of spiritual, emotional, and practical support I am able to bear witness to the End of Life journey and provide care to the dying, family, and friends. As a Personal Archivist I am able to assist in discovering meaning and memory making at the End of Life by uncovering the past and preserving the legacy of loved ones. Death is a journey we will all take, I am here to companion you and your loved ones as the sacred journey home unfolds.

Hourly and Package Rates

$70 - $120 / Hour

Sliding Scale Available.


"We must learn the art and craft of grief, discover the profound ways it ripens and deepens us. While grief is an intense emotion, it is also a skill we develop through a prolonged walk with loss. Facing grief is hard work...it takes outrageous courage to face outrageous loss. This is precisely what we are being called to do. Learning to welcome, hold, and metabolize these sorrows is the work of a lifetime".

Francis Weller



Please be in touch for more information about Embodied Grief and how I can be of service on your discovery and healing journey.

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