A Mind, Body and Soul Approach to Grief, Loss, Trauma, Death, Joy, and Healing through Personal Archival Services, Counselling, Somatic Therapy, Yoga, EOL Support, and Unconditional Love.


"We must learn the art and craft of grief, discover the profound ways it ripens and deepens us. While grief is an intense emotion, it is also a skill we develop through a prolonged walk with loss. Facing grief is hard work...it takes outrageous courage to face outrageous loss. This is precisely what we are being called to do. Learning to welcome, hold, and metabolize these sorrows is the work of a lifetime...".

Francis Weller

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Clea Jonquil Hargreaves, MAS, E-RYT-500+, Archivist, Grief Counsellor, Somatic Therapist, Trauma Informed.

As an Archivist, Grief Counsellor, Movement Instructor, Somatic Therapist, Complex Trauma Survivor and Compassionate Human it is my desire to provide a safe space for witnessing and healing as we journey together through this beautiful and at times heartbreaking gift of Life.

I believe passionately that everyone deserves to be supported in their grief, trauma and loss and offer unconditional acceptance alongside tools and practices designed to help discover, honour and integrate the numerous individual and collective losses, traumas, and disconnections we all experience within our Mind, Body and Soul. In combining intellectual, sensory, somatic, and energetic modalities we will be able to illuminate and work with many parts relating to the impermanence of life, loss, and death while exploring how archival work seeks to shape and re-shape the narratives of the past and present allowing for a more expansive and inclusive historical record.

"It is said that in every loss there is an opportunity to uncover and heal the losses of a lifetime. The deeper the loss, the deeper the opportunity" (Stephen Levine).

In working to Embody our Grief we are learning through Mind, Body and Soul how to once again dance with life in a way that allows for presence at the edges of our discomfort and gently guides us towards unconditional love, compassion and safety. It is an immense honour to hold space for you as you journey home to yourself, thank you.

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Exploring Past, Present, and Future...



Mind, Body and Soul

Embodied Grief Offers Individual, Family and Group Counselling, Personal Archival Services, Somatic Therapy, Movement Sessions, and Addiction and Recovery Support. Connections take place in person, virtually or as a combination of the two, always taking into consideration the levels of personal comfort and safety. I offer individual services and have the ability to custom create wholeness packages designed to support the individual nature and Mind, Body, Soul, work within process of discovery and healing.

*Virtually defined as Zoom, FaceTime, Telephone and Text Support Services.



Reconnecting to Wholeness through Mind, Body, and Soul.

In working to Embody our Grief we are learning through Mind, Body, and Soul how to once again dance with life in a way that allows for presence at the edges of our discomfort and gently guides us towards unconditional love, compassion, and safety. 

Together we will explore a variety of offerings and practices such as counselling, somatic inquiry, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, neuroscience, polyvagal theory, breath, and unconditional love to mine the shadows, uncover the gold, and lean more fully into presence. I invite you to take the time to turn inwards with me, to uncover your embodied story, and reconnect to wholeness through Mind, Body, Soul. 

May 15th - June 12th, 2022.

Sundays and Wednesdays 4-5:30pm PST

Online via Zoom.

Fall / Winter EG Immersion Series 2022 details coming soon!


"To embody is to welcome in all of your senses, both visible and non, to fully encompass what is being felt in the moment. To embody calls in the mind, body, and soul, transcends rational thought and instead allows the manifestation of wholeness to inhabit every part of you. To embody is to honour what is real, worthy, and sacred as we connect to presence and traverse the ever changing journey of awareness, acceptance, and unconditional love...".

Clea Jonquil Hargreaves, Embodied Grief



Please be in touch for more information about Embodied Grief and how I can be of service on your discovery and healing journey.

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